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    Vessel HQ is the ultimate software solution for any Marine Administration to manage the registry
    of ships and simultaneously meet its international obligations from ISO, IMO, STCW, and MLC.
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Looking for software to manage your seafarer certification? Check out our companion product Seafarer HQ.

The solution for Administration Managers

Instant access to the key statistics and data for your registered fleet, providing the ideal solution to the problem of collating statistics, analysing trends and performance as required by the III Code & the MLC. Also a key tool to provide product performance data as a critical input to ISO Quality Management systems.

A productivity tool for every Registrar

Register ships, mortgages, owners, charterers, local craft and all other legal requirements. Manage your registry including changes to any particulars with a permanent record of all changes and the authorised person making them. Issue CSRs correctly at the touch of a button and permanently store all registry documents against each ship.

A Surveyors tool of choice

A central planning and scheduling tool for surveys and inspections allows tracking of outstanding deficiencies and certificate expiry dates. It also permanently stores certificates, reports, survey notes, PSC detentions, defect lists and any other documentation with the record for each ship, whilst allowing instant access to statistics & analysis.

The answer for STCW Managers

Provides a simple, secure system for the issue of endorsements and other seafarers documents and allows instant tracking of all applications in progress. Gain instant access to the status of all certificates issued and all seafarers provided with documentation. Meet the STCW Ch. 1 Reg 15 & 16 requirements for external secure access to certificate data.

Your International Obligations

All easily met using Vessel HQ.

IMO & the III Code

The III Code has some very clear expectations for flag states in Sections 42, 43 and 44. It is clear that the IMO expects flag states to have access to a range of statistical data about their registered ships and to be using the data as a tool to inform its decisions and evaluate its performance.

STCW Convention

The 2010 amendments to the STCW Convention require flag states to make information on the status of any certificates and endorsements available to 3rd parties on request. By 1st January 2017, this information has to be available electronically in English.

Maritime Labour Convention

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 came into force on the 20th August 2013. Flag states are now required to record and analyse accidents and occupational diseases, and to detect then act on trends. They must also publish an annual report on inspections and their results.


Obtaining useful data on fleet performance is always a difficult task for an ISO certified Marine Administration. A fleet of safe ships is essentially the "product" for ISO9001 and product performance needs to be analysed, then input into management decisions & strategy for continuous improvement. Vessel HQ makes it easy and provides a set of inputs that will easily satisfy ISO audits.

Internal Analysis

Creating, then growing a Marine Administration & registry in a very competitive market requires good access to data on performance. A manager needs to be able to see where there is growth, where there are problems, how the fleet is changing, where he needs to enhance marketing and what the financial indicators are. Vessel HQ provides a set of kay data inputs to this process.

Improve the productivity of your Marine Administration

Core Productivity Features

The Vessel HQ platform enables Marine Administrations to improve productivity and data accuracy, while at the same time, aligning with a Quality Management System such as ISO9001:2008. Vessel HQ improves productivity and enables the delivery of:

Exceptional Customer Service

Instantly find full records of a customer's vessel while on the phone. Refer to important documents immediately and update records if required. Provide instant access to the same data from multiple offices and deliver the same quality of service from satellite offices.

In-Depth Reporting

Gain visibility into Key Performance Indicators further driving the performance reporting required by the IMO and your Quality Management System.

Expiry Notifications & Next Action Reminders

Ensure that all ship deficiencies and certificate expiries are tracked to close out and none are missed, driving your fleet quality and PSC performance.

Assistance in Effective Financial Management

Benefit from effective revenue reconciliation, proactively inform & monitor debtors and see outstanding payees.

Self-Service Portals

Provide Seafarers and ship managers with an online portal to submit endorsement applications and check on the status of an already submitted application.

Why Vessel HQ

Combining a deep understanding of Marine Administration and registry needs with technology expertise, enables our team to deliver much more than software.

With a world expert in ship registry and the running of Marine Administrations as our in-house adviser on Registry & Technical issues, our team's collective knowledge is second-to-none. Captain Howell knows what it takes to make a successful Marine Administration and brings an unsurpassed knowledge of the business and the international regulatory regime.
Our team has years of combined experience in online solutions development and data security. Leveraging this expertise will help any Marine Administration to reach their specific goals surrounding international obligations and business management.
We are an ISO27001:2013 certified company with processes and procedures in place to support every Marine Administration. Alongside our ISO27001:2013 certification, we provide unrivalled telephone and email support to our customers, including support for specific legal and technical questions.

The people and credentials behind our solutions

With Captain W D Howell as an senior member of our team, we have access to real-world knowledge and experience running Marine Administrations. Alongside our team's vast experience in crafting solutions specific to customer needs, Vessel HQ is the only software solution your Marine Administration will need.

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We have unparalleled strength and expertise in both technology and the management of Maritime Administrations. The III Code Report is designed to give you useful information and advice for implementing best practice throughout your business.

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