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Managing a marine administration & registry is a complex task made even more so by the demands of the international oversight bodies, and the intensely competitive nature of the business. The only sure way to competitive success is to provide the highest standards of service. That means ensuring your staff have instant access to all the facets of your customer's ships so that they can deal with queries and requests instantly.

The international maritime regulatory regime now also means more paper and certificates than ever before, and it means a critical need to manage the data for each ship so that there can never be a case where a ship risks detention by having the wrong paperwork or an error on the paperwork.

The increased workload for your survey staff to keep on top of this results in a real need to increase productivity while enhancing quality.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Being competitive internationally means meeting the international obligations to the IMO and the ILO. Black listed flags will quickly see their customers disappear. In practical terms, a good Quality Management System, acceptance by the IMO and a position on the world's PSC "white Lists" is essential. Being successful also means enhanced productivity in times when costs are under scrutiny and where a firm grasp of where the business is going is required. Knowing which ships and markets are working and what strategic decisions need to be taken on pricing and services is key.

MLC Requirement: Annual Reporting on Seafarer Conditions

The MLC requires member states to publish an annual report on their seafarer conditions and inspections as well as record, analyse and publish details of occupational accidents. Vessel HQ records full details against each ship and can output in any format so numbers and trends for these reports are easily established and addressed. This is a management tool which has no parallel in the business.

Seamless Report Generation for IMO Mandatory Audit

Generate reports, either pre-set or custom designed, to see what is happening with your fleet. Data can include which managers have higher than normal accident rates, how many casualties there have been in a specific time period, how many ships were reported for MARPOL violations, and even answer the question of whether PSC detention rates are rising or falling. These data-points and more are required statistics for the IMO mandatory audit. IMO auditors expect to see flag states recording and analysing this type of data.

STCW Convention: Online Portals

The STCW Convention requires all flag states to have an online system for external authorities and individuals to check on the validity of seafarer's documents issued by a flag state. Vessel HQ provides a Seafarer module that fully meets the STCW 2017 requirement. The module allows applications for endorsements to be submitted along with the mandatory supporting documentation, then approved by the flag state and documents issued.

Unparalleled Access to your data

Vessel HQ provides unparalleled access to all data for each ship in your fleet, and details on seafarers & endorsements in an easy, intuitive display.

Exceptional Increase in Productivity

When your surveyors, registrars, and seafarer documents people are all able to see the same data, work productively across offices and time zones if necessary, and deliver consistent accurate paperwork then your customer satisfaction rises.

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