A Productivity Tool for Every Registrar

Registrars are busy people and their customers demand fast, accurate outputs. The major work item for any registrar is maintaining the records. Registering new ships is great, but the real work is always maintaining the records once they're created. Owner's change names & addresses, new charterers appear, owners take on new mortgages or change existing ones and lawyers want a transcript etc. All of this is critical work. When it's completed in a fast and efficient way, the image of an effective registry is enhanced.

Today a major work item is the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). Every ship over 500GT has to carry one, and generating it can be complex. Every change in Managers, Owners, Classification Society, audit standards, ship particulars etc, mandates the creation of a new CSR for the ship. Every CSR has a new consecutive number and the ship's flag state has to not only retain any CSRs it has issued, but also those issued by the previous flag states.

Registrars also need good access to the fundamental data for their fleets including numbers of ships, tonnages (remembering the need to report the totals to the IMO each year via the LR FairPlay system), numbers of ships leaving, changes in ship types and fleet make up, etc. This data is invariably asked for by Managers, and by auditors who will expect it to be available to inform ISO Management Reviews and other strategic decision making.

Instant Access to All Registered Data for Every Ship in Your Fleet

The days of managing your Registry on paper have passed. Every modern ship registry needs to use an electronic solution that allows fast access to data, instantly prepares critical outputs and enables fast, accurate changes to stored data. Vessel HQ is the one-stop answer to the Registrar's job. It is just as secure and certain as the old books, as critical changes can only be made by a legally authorised registrar and only after inputting an electronic signature.

Transactional History / Audit Records

Every transaction is recorded in terms of time, date and authorised person making the change; and every change is recorded so that the previous data is never lost. Deleted ships stay recorded in the system forever and the audit trail and transaction history can never be edited. The integrity of the record is complete. Added to this the risk of catastrophic damage or loss of records is removed while access is available from any web enabled computer with the right passwords.

24/7 Access To Your Data

If the need arises to complete a mortgage registry at 0300 local time, an authorised person can do it from home. Simply create documents on screen and email them to the parties without going into the office.

Certificate & Document Outputs

Vessel HQ saves significant amounts of time and ensures accuracy. Documents no longer have to be copy typed; as soon as a change is made to the record and verified by an authorised registrar, the necessary documents such as transcripts, certificates of registry and/or CSRs, are immediately available with the correct data, time stamps and audit history. They can then be printed off, stamped and signed, or sent directly as electronic documents.

Exceptional Increase in Productivity

Registrars now have time to devote to the real business of the registry. You can call out any data information or report that you decide on and use it to show the changes in your fleet, the trends, the opportunities for marketing, the areas of growth and the overall prormance of the registry.

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