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While many administrations delegate the statutory surveys of their ships to Recognised Organisations, there is still a need to have a degree of control over what is happening throughout the fleet. The International regulatory world also expects flag states to respond to certain events such as ships detained, accidents, casualties, crew complaints, reported oil spills etc.

Many flag states operate an annual safety inspection regime as well as retaining the issue of certain documents for themselves - exemption certificates, minimum safe manning documents etc. No matter the level of involvement in the day to day oversight of the fleet, today's marine administration surveyor is faced with managing an ever-growing mountain of paperwork.

Helping You Manage Your Ever-Growing Paperwork

Owners, managers and their superintendents expect fast responses and clear answers. Vessel HQ provides the answer to managing the ever growing information load. In a single source it provides access to all of each ship's key technical details, a photograph, and as many of its certificates as the survey team chooses to upload for it.

Manage Inspection Documents & Important Dates

Expiry dates can be tracked and details of any certificates that are due to expire can be instantly seen so that, even if the manager forgets to apply for a new Minimum Safe Manning document, the survey team are alerted to the fact that it is running out and can call out the pervious one, double check the details and issue the new one, all without hunting out the file. Exemptions and any other statutory certificate can also be stored against the ship's record for immediate access and tracking.

MLC and ILO 180 Requirements

The MLC has introduced a new requirement to deal with crew complaints, and it has included the ILO 180 requirements on inspection of crew conditions. Annual reports are expected and every flag state needs a way to record these inspections, as well as their results.

Vessel HQ contains an inspections module that enables inspections of all types to be scheduled, recorded, and stored. Deficiency lists, inspection reports, dates by which items are to be closed out, etc can all be seen. Outstanding inspection deficiencies are shown on the dashboard until they are closed out, meaning that you will never again miss one and have a ship with an open deficiency at risk from PSC. The system also records and manages accidents, casualties, occupational diseases, MARPOL violations, COLREGS violations etc. and allows effective recording of all these events which are key performance indicators for ISO 9001 Quality Management systems. They are also vital data elements for the mandatory IMO audits under the III Code.

Port State Controls

The oversight of PSC activities as far as they affect an administration's fleet, is a key requirement and now included in the IMO Instruments Implementation Code against which the new scheme of mandatory flag state audits will take place. Vessel HQ allows PSC detentions to be recorded against any ship and the reporting module instantly allows the totals of detentions to be seen against a variety of criteria - period, totals, by manager etc. The IMO expects flag states to actively manage PSC interventions and take actions to reduce their numbers. For any flag state it is a vital role in order to avoid falling down to the "blacklist" in the various PSC regimes. By analysing the detentions and ships most at risk, surveyors can focus efforts where they are most needed and have a real impact on this statistic.

Unparalleled Access to your data

Vessel HQ provides unparalleled access to all data for each ship in your fleet, and details on seafarers & endorsements in an easy, intuitive display.

Exceptional Increase in Productivity

Vessel HQ is designed to be the critical tool for busy surveyors. It gives you instant access to the performance of every ship, the ship's certificates and details, allowing you to deliver the type of service that your customers expect from a quality ship register.

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